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HARDCORE SYNERGY 2014 -Lineup Announcement.05-

Minamotoya (源屋) [JP] (MINAMOTRANCE)

Despite being his first overseas performance, the music of Minamotoya has traveled far and wide, with many of his tracks being played at conventions in the US and UK. 2005 is when he appeared on the scene, bringing the sound of UK Hardcore to Japan with the help of the burgeoning HARDCORE TANO*C label. Since then he’s gone on to work with a number of artists tied to the underground music scene, including Lia, Kors K, DJ Noriken, and REDALiCE.

Not wanting to limit himself to one style, Minamotoya has since added a large catalog of Uplifting and Progressive Trance tracks to his repertoire, which eventually lead to the creation of his own label, MINAMOTRANCE Sound, which is a staple at events like Comiket and M3 alongside SKETCH UP! Recordings, AliCE’S EMOTiON, and HARDCORE TANO*C. Minamotoya has also contributed a number of tracks to Konami’s music game, Sound Voltex, where he is a regular producer of remixes.

When he’s not working with software like Cubase and Sylenth, he can be found at one of the various venues that put on hardcore shows over the weekend, where he fuses the new styles of music that are being produced every day, with the old styles that got the scene to where it is today, creating a whole new atmosphere of sound. Please join us in welcoming Minamotoya to the United States for his first ever state-side performance.

Soundcloud | Official Website



JAKAZiD [UK] (Aural Adrenaline / Hardcore Underground)

A unique crossover DJ/producer with a cult worldwide following, JAKAZiD regularly performs to not only devout ravers at happy hardcore parties such as Hardcore Underground and HTID but also drops certified anime bangers at packed conventions around the globe, and has been a frequently returning guest at Hardcore Synergy’s parties in recent years.

When he’s not holed up in the studio working on new original music and remixes, JAKAZiD still finds time to take his music around the world and has performed in various locations around America, Europe and Asia. On his first gig in Japan he shared top billing on the main stage with J-pop superstars Perfume and singer-songwriter Lia.

Whilst meticulous in his craft of writing and producing high-energy rave music to a high standard (including his work for KONAMI’s DanceDanceRevolution and beatmaniaIIDX arcade games), JAKAZiD is never one to take himself too seriously, and his unlikely mashups of popular club anthems with J-pop and video game soundtracks have spread virally across the internet, tallying millions of plays.



HARDCORE SYNERGY 2014 -Lineup Announcement.02-


Dj Shimamura is one of the few internationally acclaimed Japanese hardcore producers. He is also the pioneer of the “J-core” scene, the culture which hardcore dance music and Japanese pop culture such as manga and anime has fused and evolved. .

Throughout his career, Shimamura has had original tracks and remixes featured in hit UK hardcore compilation series, “Hardcore Adrenaline 3 (2007)”, “Hardcore Nation 2009 (2008)”, “Hardcore Underground 4 / 5 (2009 / 2011)”, and “Die Another Day (2011)”. He has also successfully collaborated with Japanese artist Yui Sakakibara producing her hit singles “Eternal Destiny” and “Ready Go!”.
He has also made highly recognized remixes for UK drum & bass artist London Elektricity, top hardcore producers Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D., and Japanese vocaloid producer “Deco*27” among many others.

Shimamura’s remixes has been selected by UK producer Kutski as one of the top 5 songs on “M8” magazine, a major music magazine in the UK. Also, when he released his first album “SX”, it was widely featured on BBC radio 1, and heavily played for three weeks consecutively.  

This year, Shimamura will be making his debut on the latest version of the hit music game series “beatmania IIDX”. Once the word was out that his new track will be playable on beatmania IIDX SPADA, fans worldwide showed a wild reaction online.   

Alongside his music production, Shimamura keeps busy running his own record label “Dynasty Records”, designing artwork for CDs, flyers, and digital releases, and flying all over the world DJing. His international DJ career includes gigs at Hardcore Underground (London), Hardcore Synergy (Chicago), Nocturnal Commissions (Toronto), Hardcore Havok (Hawaii), and CCG (Shanghai).  In Japan, he has headlined “The day of Hardcore” the biggest hardcore party in the country for several years in a row, and also had successful performances at huge shows like “No Pan Night @ Shinkiba Studio Coast” (2011) and Re:Animation @Shinjuku (2012).     

With productions varying from mainstream releases to underground bootlegs, Shimamura’s aggressive style has inspired fans all over the world. He is a true professional who continues to deliver top-quality tracks, bringing excitement to dance floors and fans all over the world.

Official Website


HARDCORE SYNERGY 2014 -Lineup Announcement.03-

DJ Noriken [JP] (SKETCH UP! Recordings)

After lighting up not just Hardcore Synergy but also Soap Bubble in 2013, we had to bring back DJ Noriken. His label, SKETCH UP! Recordings continues to pump out major releases at each M3 and Comiket event, with fans eager to hear the latest in UK Hardcore, Hard Dance, and Tech House from some of Japan’s top talent. Noriken himself continues to be a major contributor to Konami’s Bemani game franchise, with a new track in the latest Beatmania IIDX game, titled Elektrik U-Phoria and a remix of DJ Yoshitaka’s SEED in Konami’s wildly popular Sound Voltex, and has even been asked to remix a track for Konami’s in-house producer, DJ Taka. 

Since he started making music in 2007, DJ Noriken has focused on making UK Hardcore and Hard Dance tracks with the Hardcore Tano*C label. After forming SKETCH UP! Recordings he has gone on to produce the JP-H/D series, which can be considered the definitive collections of Hard Dance tracks from Japan’s emerging talent. When he’s not working on tracks for his own label, Noriken can be found on a number of different labels, making tracks for artists like Aran, Massive New Krew, Kors K, the Hardcore Tano*C label, and Solidbox Records. And if he’s not busy in the studio, he can be found in some of Japan’s underground clubs, performing at events like Gadget, and venues like Club Asia with many other members of Hardcore Tano*C.

If you happened to catch DJ Noriken last year, we highly recommend you don’t miss him this year, as his sound is constantly evolving and is surely going to be a major hit with everyone in attendance.


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I just ripped this from a record I have and its fucken awesome and why I bought the record in 2005 (its from 1999 though) and I dont think it has been ripped before! the version on MISIA SINGLES is definitely 2 minutes shorter too.

so yeah enjoy something I put effort in to haha

Not that anyone actually remembers Tomoki Hirata besides Aubrey and I, but this owns.

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